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Happy Monday!

1 Jul


I have been addicted to reading health blogs lately, and love looking at how others plan their week ahead (Carrots ‘N’ Cake and Jen’s Best Life post weekly meal plans and exercise goals). So, I’ve decided to lay out my weekly exercise plan on Mondays to hold myself accountable.

Weekly workouts:

Monday: Pure Barre

Tuesday: Crossfit + 4 mile run with a friend

Wednesday: Crossfit

Thursday: Track Workout (did you catch my AMRAP 20 workout from last week? Try it out with me on Thursday and post your results to the blog!)

Friday: Crossfit

Saturday: Off

Sunday: Crossfit + Easy 3 mile run with friends

I love starting the week off with a Barre class-it is challenging but eases me into the week since it is less jarring for me than Crossfit or a difficult run.  I’m hoping to rope in a friend for the Track Workout on Thursday.  I have a 5K next week and really need to get some speed into my routine!  I wouldn’t normally plan a double workout on a Sunday, but I’m going to a wedding this weekend for a High School friend and can’t resist the chance to catch up with friends on a nice run.  Let’s hope I can stick to the plan!

This summer we have 7 weddings to attend and my husband works every other weekend so we have quite literally one weekend to ourselves. Apart from the Thursday night summer races we do, I won’t have many opportunities to race this summer.  That being said, I am looking ahead to the Fall for something competitive. I have been happy training without a real goal (other than to be fit) for a little while now, but am looking ahead for something specific.  I’m thinking a half marathon, Rookie Crossfit competition, or maybe some sort of obstacle race.

What are you training for? What events should I give a try? Do you rope in friends for your workouts?

050After last year’s Harborthon 5K


Make it “Fast” Friday

28 Jun


An ongoing series on this blog will be Make it “Fast” Fridays. I’ll either talk about making a fast and healthy meal or my favorite workouts that help me to be a speedier runner!  This week, we’ll start with my new favorite speed workout.  I am using this to speed up my 5K time since there are so many local 5K’s over the summer.  However, this would still be great for someone training for a longer distance and looking to pick up some speed or simply work on their kick to the finish line.  I love this workout because it works multiple body parts while giving me a healthy dose of cardio. I use the Crossfit “AMRAP” as a basis for the workout. AMRAP stands for “As Many Rounds As Possible”.  Keep the 400’s quick but sustainable-you have 20 minutes to get the work done.  Click on the image to get a larger picture of the workout. I’ll go through each of the movements and variations below.

AMRAP20If you have access to a track, you can do this workout there:  400M=1 lap. If you don’t have a track, but have a GPS watch, 400M=.25 miles.  If you have neither of those things, you can run hard for 1:30-2 minutes instead of the 400m run.  The sit-ups can be your favorite challenging version of ab work-think bicycles, v-up’s, or plain old sit-ups. Feel free to change it up each time you do this workout.  It is absolutely fine to do the push-ups from your knees, but challenge yourself! Maybe it is too difficult to do 10 push-ups at once, but try starting each set with 3 regular push-ups and then 7 knee push-ups for example. You’ll be improving your push-ups skills without making the workout impossible.  I’ll keep track of my rounds completed and try to get more done the next time I do the workout.

What is your go-to speed workout? Do you circuit train or like to keep your running and strength training separate? How many rounds were you able to complete?

**Disclaimer: The workout describe above is strictly from my own experiences. I am not a personal trainer, please consult a health professional if you have any questions starting up a new exercise routine.