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Make it “Fast” Friday

28 Jun


An ongoing series on this blog will be Make it “Fast” Fridays. I’ll either talk about making a fast and healthy meal or my favorite workouts that help me to be a speedier runner!  This week, we’ll start with my new favorite speed workout.  I am using this to speed up my 5K time since there are so many local 5K’s over the summer.  However, this would still be great for someone training for a longer distance and looking to pick up some speed or simply work on their kick to the finish line.  I love this workout because it works multiple body parts while giving me a healthy dose of cardio. I use the Crossfit “AMRAP” as a basis for the workout. AMRAP stands for “As Many Rounds As Possible”.  Keep the 400’s quick but sustainable-you have 20 minutes to get the work done.  Click on the image to get a larger picture of the workout. I’ll go through each of the movements and variations below.

AMRAP20If you have access to a track, you can do this workout there:  400M=1 lap. If you don’t have a track, but have a GPS watch, 400M=.25 miles.  If you have neither of those things, you can run hard for 1:30-2 minutes instead of the 400m run.  The sit-ups can be your favorite challenging version of ab work-think bicycles, v-up’s, or plain old sit-ups. Feel free to change it up each time you do this workout.  It is absolutely fine to do the push-ups from your knees, but challenge yourself! Maybe it is too difficult to do 10 push-ups at once, but try starting each set with 3 regular push-ups and then 7 knee push-ups for example. You’ll be improving your push-ups skills without making the workout impossible.  I’ll keep track of my rounds completed and try to get more done the next time I do the workout.

What is your go-to speed workout? Do you circuit train or like to keep your running and strength training separate? How many rounds were you able to complete?

**Disclaimer: The workout describe above is strictly from my own experiences. I am not a personal trainer, please consult a health professional if you have any questions starting up a new exercise routine.