What’s New Weekends

30 Jun

Hello again!

I’m starting another series on the blog, “What’s New Weekends”.  I’ll discuss new health-related things that I find interesting during the week and sum them up here!  Some will be Boston-based, but others will apply to just about anyone. Here goes!

1. Menus of Change Annual Report:

I have my Masters in Public Health-so I try to stay on top of some of the larger population-based health news. The Menus of Change Annual Report is the first of its kind from the Harvard School of Public Health and the Culinary Institute of America.  The report discusses trends in the US diet and rates how well we as a population are doing in certain food-related areas (see Page 7 of the document if you want to skip to the ratings). The report incorporates health, environmental and restaurant-business concerns to produce recommendations for people in the food industry. I love anything that brings people together from different disciplines for  a common cause (healthier eating!).  If we hope to make it easier for restaurants to serve us healthy food-more evidence based collaborations like this need to happen.  Click here to download a PDF version of the document or view it online as a flip book.

2. Sweetgreen Boston:

After reading through the report, I am inspired to incorporate more veggies into my diet.  I am already in love with Juice in Boston, they offer delicious fresh pressed juices. We are now lucky enough to have the DC chain sweetgreen open up in Back Bay.  They offer a number of fresh pressed juices and make your own salads.  I am always looking for a quick and healthy place to eat lunch, and this might do the trick-I can’t wait to try it next week.

3. Hip mobility stretches:

As a runner, my hips/glutes are often tight. I notice this the most when I try to do anything squat-related in Crossfit. I’ve been working on this, and with the help of one of my coaches, I have a new favorite hip opening stretch.  I tried to take some good pictures to show you a visual…but Casey wasn’t having it and kept interrupting the photos. You simply go into a bottom of a squat and keep your back as upright as possible. To balance/increase the stretch, place your elbows on the inside of your legs as you can see below. Make sure to have your toes pointed slightly out (preferably less than mine if you are more flexible) and do not let your knees collapse in.  I usually hold for 30 seconds-1 minute. If you want even more of a challenge, hold a weight in your hands.

What are you excited about this week? What new things are you really loving?

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2 Responses to “What’s New Weekends”

  1. eatgreatbegreat July 1, 2013 at 3:34 pm #

    This looks like a great stretch! I really need to try it out! I do a lot of Zumba and my hips definitely tend to tighten-up. I think this will definitely help!

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