Exercising on the Cheap Part 1

25 Jun

2012-11-16_14-53-011Hello all!

I’m a sucker for a good deal. Exercising in Boston can be pricey.  With that said, I am constantly looking for ways to pay less for exercise classes. Lucky for me, the summertime in Boston is FILLED with opportunities to exercise for free! Need to shake up your exercise routine?  Here are five tips for finding free ways to exercise near you! Want specific classes/deals to look out for this summer? Stay tuned-this will be an ongoing series on the blog.

1. Just ask.

Gyms and studios want members. They get members by reeling you in and getting you hooked on their brand. It is to their advantage to give you a free trial with the hope that you fall in love and have to join. I quickly learned that just about any gym/studio will let you try them out for free! Gyms often give you anywhere from a 1 day to 1 month pass to try them out. Many gyms and studios publish this on their website, but not everyone does. It pays to call/e-mail/go in person and tell them you’ve been dying to try them out. Odds are-they’ll let you try for free!

2. “Like” healthy resources in your area.

Sign up for newsletters and follow studios on Facebook, Twitter or any other social media outlet.  Studios send along special promotions or incentives in their newsletters. If you aren’t worried about doling out too much of your personal info, many times studios will send you a free class or discount on your birthday if you provide them with the date.  Additionally, if you haven’t worked out at a certain studio in a while, many of them try to get you to return by sending you a deal to get you back in the door. Following these studios on social media can help you to learn about events at the studio and any promotions they have going on at the time.

3. Follow less likely sources.

You would be surprised how many sports stores, local parks and recreation departments and even Universities offer free health lectures, exercise classes and contests. Follow them on your social media platform of choice and find out about cool events in your area! In Boston, lululemon, City Sports, Marathon Sports and Athleta all host weekly classes/lectures/runs for free that they advertise on Facebook.  All you have to do is sign up!


4. Talk to your friends.

Recently, a friend of mine was looking for some workout motivation and needed a workout partner. She then got an e-mail from her gym offering a 5 day pass for a friend, of course I was all too happy to scoop that up! We then found out that her gym has monthly member appreciation days. On those days, all members are able to bring a friend for free! Depending on the gym, they may offer members a certain number of free passes per year as well. You might need to treat your friend to a post workout smoothie if he/she keeps taking you for free 🙂

5. Be on the lookout for new studios.

New studios need new members. A lot of studios will have an opening party with free classes or at the very least reduced price classes at first.  Signing up for your local “deal of the day” website is a great way to find out about new studios with promotions.  Gyms with monthly memberships may enroll the first batch of members at very reduced rates.  I try to stay on top of new studios in the area through social media or other health/fitness blogs in my city.


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